Sunday, March 12, 2017

Roatan At Last!

Sunset from the Thai restaurant in West End
Our first night in Roatan, and I sit on our deck under a full moon, skin kissed by tropical breezes at just the right temperature. Does life get better than this? I'm not sure. There aren't even any mosquitos--even when we were in still air this evening on the walk back from the restaurant... Yup, that's it: Tempt fate. I just got two bites, zap zap.

Dinner tonight was at a lovely Thai restaurant that has a blend of local ingredients and traditional Thai cuisine. The sunset photo at left was taken from our table on their deck. We had fresh papaya salad with fresh lime and hot peppers, and lobster pad thai and lobster panang--I even had Thai beer. The best though was the chili paste they served with the meal--traditional Thai recipe but they add a local hot pepper to the mix that kicks you on your butt. I'm going to see about getting some for seeds...

Full moon over Roatan
Now we're back in the condo, Jessie is studying Japanese (doesn't she get that it's vacation?) and Dave and I are on the deck. I hear leaves rustling, crickets, the occasional feral cat, the hum of someone's air conditioning unit, and some distant music too far away to be a nuisance. If I can't relax here, I can't relax anywhere. I have neither thought about the garden nor read email since this morning (and that was only email--it's been 24 hours since I've thought of the garden!) For the next six days I am going to sleep, dive, snorkel, visit the jungle canopy to commune with the monkeys, and trust that Stone's Throw, the dogs, and the cats are in Zaga's capable hands, and the garden is in Jay's.

Our humble abode for the next six days

Spouse on a beach--better than
snakes on a plane!

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