Monday, March 13, 2017

I am a Sloth

When I was growing up there was nowhere on earth I'd rather be than the beach--any ocean beach from the windswept rocky beaches of Oregon to the crowded sandy beaches of LA (Remember I am from Montana so my scope was limited). I liked them even better on cool, cloudy days when there were fewer people. I dreamed of living on the beach when I grew up, and my biggest fantasy was living on my own island. I think if I were still young, footloose and fancy-free, I'd become a dive master/cocktail waitress and live here on Roatan. Something like I did in Steamboat Springs for a season. Ah the glorious twenties....

Nope. I can't even write that last sentence with a straight face. My fifties are so much better than my twenties that it boggles my mind. I started to list all the ways that that assertion is true, but why dwell? I'm in paradise, I'm having an incredible time doing exactly what I want to do--there's no need to spend any time thinking about anything else.

Today held a bit of sunning, a lot of sleeping, enjoying the environment around us, feeling the breeze, and eating and drinking whatever I wanted whenever I wanted (except lobster as it's apparently illegal now until July 1 when breeding season is over).

I did almost fall into hyper-obsessive must-plan-everything-so-we'll-enjoy-the-vacation mode this morning. But when it became apparent that all of us would be completely happy doing nothing much for the next five days, I pencilled in a couple of activities and then let it go. Thanks to Dave, we did schedule a scuba refresher tomorrow afternoon followed by a quick boat dive, and then we'll probably go out again Wednesday morning for a two-tanker. Thursday we're going to Daniel Johnson's Sloth and Monkey Hangout and then Arch's Iguana and Marine Park. Did you see Zootopia? Do you remember the sloth in the DMV? We get to hold one! I'm so excited!! I am one!!!

Okay, enough computer time. Back to vacaciones!

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Bill said...

Do you hang from a branch?