Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Same Old, Same Old

We get ready for our first guests in the apartment since it's been renovated, and it's all spiffy! Jay had it cleaned today as the last part of the renovation so I didn't have to. Now I just need to round up some towels. Oh and vacuum out the car after yesterday's plant adventures. Cleaning in our house today consisted of vacuuming the front half of the house. I'm afraid my brain got stuck in the plant zone again (see the seed box at right?).

I didn't leave the property today. The Invisible Fence guy came and extended our covered area to include the new garden, and Jay and his guys worked on the front and the back. The front garden is not as far as I would have liked as the skidsteer broke down today so dirt didn't really get moved, but the back is looking great and I have high hopes the stream will be working by the weekend. The stumps did not get pulled today either, and then I went and came up with another yard area to do. Between our house and Dan and Zaga's, we're going to clear several more cedars and some shrubs and construct a lattice pergola structure with a bench on one side (for Zaga and Dan) and maybe a fountain or some other garden art on the other. for us The main purpose of the structure is so that they can use their hot tub naked with no fear of scandalizing us, and we can stroll around our bathroom in the buff without fear of causing heart failure on their part. We could spend a lot of money on tinted windows (I definitely don't want blinds), but this way we can have nature AND privacy all at the same time, and it will be a pretty, shared space too.

Taxes did not get done again today--Helen, our accountant, is going to scalp me if I don't get my butt in gear pronto. But tomorrow my pottery class starts, and I have company to entertain (they're easy) and a bathroom to design with one of the company as he's an architect and the visit is ostensibly to plan out the new bathroom. I cannot WAIT to get rid of the carpet in it and our bedroom, and to have a taller toilet that doesn't run constantly if you don't fiddle with the inside lever thingie.

Okay, off to vacuum the car, take towels to the apartment, and head to the airport!


Bill said...

Won't you be wandering naked in the garden? Say, on Samhain?

Brenda Griffith said...

We call that "Tuesday".

Bill said...

Mental pictures, out of my noggin!!!