Thursday, March 09, 2017

Almost Forgot the Title!

It is extremely hard to post with a cat sleeping in your lap--especially since the cat really doesn't care how hard it is. She also doesn't care about the coyotes singing out back, and neither do the dogs. I can hear them clearly through closed windows and doors so I know the animals can too, and no one evne looked up.

Besides posting, all I've done today of note is work in the garden--oh yes, and finish downloading and linking the 161 plant reference pages for everything I would like to buy. I think I'll go firm up availability tomorrow so I can plan quantities and placement next week. I moved stone, cut 1/2 of a stone on the tile saw (before they guys wouldn't let me play anymore) and put down lots of spray paint marking the beds, ponds, and paths. Tomorrow will see us closer to completion--we'll at least have the first course of all the beds and the pond down so that they have a full week of work without me next week. The cedar will also be all chopped up and ready to mulch Monday. As I head to bed tonight, I leave you with a little slideshow of today's work.


Bill said...

I never title mine. Why do you title yours?

Brenda Griffith said...

Blogger has a place for it, and I like titles--they are the string that ties up the package.

Bill said...

LJ has a place for them too...still, I just don't do that. I guess I'm odd.