Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Coffee in the New Orleans skyline mug, "Know Your Onion!" by The Shins on iTunes. Perky Pop. I post from the library this morning, the little nook at the top of the stairs where we put bookcases and a couple of comfy chairs. I post from Dave's big leather chair because the sun streams in through the window and shines on me as I type. I need the sun today. Perky and Sun. Yeah, it's one of THOSE days. I need THOSE days to be over. So does Dave. I catch him looking at me like he's expecting something, something... bad... to happen. Think the alien popping out of the chest in the movie of the same name, think Linda Blair in the Exorcist, think Tom Wilkinson in the boardroom in Michael Clayton...

Okay, stop thinking of ALL of those things and think of sunshine, and daffodils, and The Shins. There. That's better.

The website's not done. After a five hour video conference with Christian yesterday it's a bit closer, but still far, far away from where it needed to be, oh, a week ago. Move along. The dinnerware I have fired three times now did not turn out as I would have liked--the BE cranberry pink devitted and could not be fixed. *sigh* Move along.

Happy thoughts. DHL shipping is gong really well. I got an effortless delivery of bubble wrap, boxes and Styrofoam peanuts and boxes delivered yesterday afternoon. The sun is shining. My new plastic shipping crate is in South Carolina. The Shins are wonderfully, relentlessly, perky. Tonight is date night--dinner and a movie. In a hundred years, no one will care if I had a good web site today. Good-bye THOSE days!

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Bill said...

Hooray for DHL!

Told you so!