Friday, February 15, 2008

Show Time

No coffee yet, "Come Pick Me Up" by Ryan Adams on iTunes (thank you Keith, I love the album). The J continues to sleep, I post quickly and then get on to line sheets and price labels. Oh what an optimist and a fool I was yesterday! I tempted the gods of set-up and said aloud (twice!) that I thought I could be done setting up by noon (we started at 8:00 am). I walked off the floor at 8:00... pm.

I am so glad J and I are staying across the street as by 8:30 she was in the bath, room service was ordered, and I was off my feet for the second time of the day. The Hilton continues to be MARVELOUS.

The new booth design (grid wall panels with foam core over them all cable-tied together) is fantastic. It's clean, bright, well-laid-out, and has great flow through. It took a lot of time to put together this first time, but I am confident/hope/pray/implore it will get faster and eaisier with practice. As with all good booth designs, breakdown will be *much* faster than set-up.

I am almost too tired this morning to be coherent, and I really got up to work, and not to ramble on, so I will sign off and continue tomorrow. I think there was something I said I'd post today, but darned if I can remember it.

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Bill said...

Coherency is overrated.