Friday, February 15, 2008

BMAC Inspired Interiors Day 1

Coffee in the Philadelphia Convention Center what-passes-for-a-Starbucks-Java-thingie go-cup, the muted chatter of strolling buyers for my music. It's Day 1 of the Buyer's Market of American Craft, and I feel like a fish out of water. It's my first year out of the glass section and in Inspired Interiors, and while logically I know it's the same buyers for the whole show, my gut is telling me that I don't know any of these people and they don't seem to be interested in my work. My unease was just further cemented when one of my regulars walking by the booth did a double-take when he saw me and said "This isn't the glass aisle, I'm not ready to do glass yet!" He'll be back tomorrow… I hope.

Four hours left to go and I can pick my bunny rabbit up from Camp Buyer's Market and take her back to our room to watch "Enchanted" and cuddle. J is a bit… overwhelmed. While it sounds exciting to go to Mommy's show with her, and Daphne and the rest of the Camp Buyer's Market people are wonderful, it's also long days with no normal routine, lots of rushing and stress… and a mostly absent Mommy. I took a break and took her to lunch today and when I returned her to camp she clung and cried—something she's never done before. Five minutes of tucking her in to rest and watch Peter Pan and I could go back to the show floor, but it was a wrench.

Picked up two new galleries today in two orders, but the traffic has been very light. I hope it's because I'm in the middle of the hall instead of on the side (the glass section is all along one wall) and people will get to me tomorrow. If not... Hmm. I don't have an if not scenario so I had better not need one.

And calloo calay, the best part of being in Inspired Interiors up by the front doors is that I am on-line with free internet! Haven't had that happen in about four years. I close with a Hello to Maria the potter and lurker who stopped by my booth today to tell me how much she likes reading Glass Incarnate.


maria said...

....out of the shadows and into the light!... Who's a lurker? Not me...heehee! Hope today goes better for you...trip them if you have to!

Bill said...


Can you say, Economic Downturn?