Tuesday, February 26, 2008


No coffee, no music, no electricity—wait! I have iTunes on the laptop, I can have music! Naw, I'll just keep listening to the rain. Don't know when I'll get to post this, but I doggedly write anyway. I'm just glad I charged the laptop last night so I have a few hours of juice. Maybe they'll have the power back on by then, maybe I'll have to find a coffee shop. Jessie and Dave got out the door, the in-laws still sleep, the house is quiet. Guess this it the bad thing about such close proximity between the house and the studio—when we lose power to one, we lose power to both. But for now I sit and enter orders form teh show into the laptop. They're already in the firing schedule, now I enter them onto electronic order/invoices. Maybe I should think about streamlining my entry process. I seem to remember something about an artist erp system... time to resurrect it?

There is much going on chez Siyeh Studio, many little things are getting ticked off lists. And yet I am still scattered. Two more post-show orders came in unsolicited yesterday—both ship asap—and it will take some creative juggling to fit them in. Yesterday I never got the packing supplies put away, or unloaded the van from Philly, or had a meeting with Stacy, or even got together a list of tasks for her to tackle in the studio while I'm gone (It's time for a short break and a little vacation in northern California Thurs-Mon). Today. Today sees organization, and firing, and cleaning… if Georgia Power gets the POWER back on.


The power is on, coffee in a little studio mug, "The Tennessee Stud" by Johnny Cash on the iPod. The day rocks on. Inventories to do before getting the Sprout and lists to make before Stacy gets here at 1:30 pm. The van is unloaded, the inventory forms are printed out. No more time to sit and write. "Rock the Casbah" by the Clash just came on the iPod to get me on my way, and I'm off!

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Bill said...

Work, work, work.

Have you considered windmills or solar power panels just in case?