Tuesday, February 05, 2008

It's Tuesday and Anything is Possible

Coffee in the New York skyline mug, and purely by random chance, "The Invisible Man" live from Islington by Joe Jackson on iTunes. I have been listening to his new album "Rain" this morning as I organize. 'Bout time to head to the studio--paperwork took a lot out of me this morning and I need to get firing.

The postcards went out yesterday, which makes it imperative that I get the new website up... well, NOW. Spending money on advertising that inspires people to check out your same old tired website does not make good business sense. Yesterday was also a good day for getting all kinds of little things and little firings off my plate. There are still a couple of little onsie twosies that I have left for today--review the Profitable Glass studio profile article and send my corrections to the author, order shipping supplies, tweak the BMAC display for lighting requirements and send them to Bill, finalize the materials handling process for the show with Hargrove, make a deposit, update my outstanding invoices list, review my inventory and put together a firing schedule for the show, update the firing schedule with the pre-show orders, fire today's fuse load, ship my "let me call you sweetheart" exchange pieces (oh I hope they turned out!), grind a window consignment and ship it to Texas, and THEN get on the website...


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Bill said...

What do I care about your lighting needs?