Friday, February 22, 2008

It's Fun Friday!

Coffee (yes, coffee!) in the Washington DC skyline mug, "I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie on iTunes. The week ends with a bang, even though I haven't been out of my jammies since my return on Tuesday. I will dress today (I did laundry) and go to the studio happy in the knowledge that the new website is up! Oooh baby! Not one page that says "Under Construction". True, it's a bit light in content, but as it's a content-management-based site, it's easy enough to get new content up there. Thank you Christian Sass of Digitiris for effort above and beyond yesterday to get me live.

I also finished my article for the summer issue of Profitable Glass. I intended to write about start-up costs for a glass business, but the article had a mind of its own and it turned out to be all about product viability instead. Now I just need to edit it and send it in. Then I'm off to the studio! Fusing, fusing, fusing--and shipping.


maria said...

The website looks great Brenda...congrats!

Bill said...

You actually dress to go to work???

Dee said...

LOL you could theoretically go to the studio in your jammies, the commute is only thru the backyard ;)