Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Philadelphia Freedom

AJB Zinfandel in the glass from the hotel bathroom, Law & Order SVU on the tv. Yes glass fans, it's Live from Philadelphia! The drive was uneventful, if long--we didn't get on the road till 4:30 pm on Tuesday. J was a trouper and even got up this morning at 5:30 am with no complaint. Actually she got up at 5:40 because we didn't get our 5:30 wake-up call. When I brought the lack of call to the attention of the front desk person as I was checking out I was told that I couldn't possibly be 100% satisfied with my stay because I didn't get my wake-up call. And their goal was 100% satisfaction so, would I be 100% satisfied with my stay if they comped my room ($90)? Sure I would!

Unloading went damply smoothly--nothing worse than a light drizzle--and set-up progresses apace. I should be doing my line sheet right now (the shiny paper with pretty pictures and prices that I will hand out to buyers at the show), but I am going to post and sleep. I have faith that set-up will fly tomorrow and by noon (!) I'll be back in my room working on printed materials and my website...

And pigs might fly out my... ears... too. I can always hope! More on our great room at the Hilton Garden Inn (far from last year's disaster) and the rest of set-up tomorrow. Nighty night!


Bill said...

I'm curious: when the porcine critters wing their way around your hairdo, do they drop bacon in your lap, or something a little more fragrant, but less edible?

Dee said...

lol and were you done setting up at noon?? something tells me probably not ;P and yes, i love the hilton garden inn rooms! AND they don't charge you for internet like the overpriced marriott!!!!! last time i stay there!