Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

No coffee, the sweet snores of a six year-old *in the other bed* for music. The in-the-other-bed part is significant. Last night as I was posting, J was snuggled in my double bed next to me. She fell asleep there, and when I came back from he last trek to the bathroom before sleep, I found her sprawled asleep in the middle of the bed with the effective weight of ununhexium. She's a very small child, but she has a very big sprawl that evidently weighs more when unconscious. I was about to spatula her over into her bed when I thought, what the heck, these are identical hotel beds. I'll just take the other one with Wolfie and Dolly (she had Bun Bun with her in my bed). Problem solved, a relatively good night's sleep acquired! It was only relative as I don't sleep well in hotels anymore--most of them have too many covers and I sleep really hot.

Back to the show... At the end of loading the car Tuesday I got a bit sloppy. I managed to leave behind my show wastebasket, carpet vacuum, carbon paper, clipboard, black folders (sort of on purpose), and my toolbox. I ws unconcerned about the toolbox as I am right next to Elliott Metal Works and figured that Bill would have a complete toolbox. I was right, but the one esoteric item he doesn't carry is an engraver--hope no one wants to trade for a new piece! Today, in addition to doing my line sheet and other show documents (business cards? I am undecided. I might hand out postcards instead), I need to get a wastebasket, and toothpaste, a toothbrush and socks for the J (the sock monster LIVES in our laundry room and feeds entirely on small child socks). I think there's a K-Mart I can get to without ever going outside of the Convention Center at the end of the underground mall.

Panic attack: I don't have enough work to display. I don't have either the tables or the bookcases or the corner sales cabinet I have always had in the past so I only brought enough work for 13 pedestals. I don't have any of the hanging panels that made my booth so dominant and bright last August. No wonder my car was so empty on the way out--I didn't bring anything!... Breathe. Less can be, no, less IS more. Think I'll work on the line sheet some... Damn--last thing I remember that I forgot: the Joomla book Dave got me. I need to work on the website. Oh well, I have it electronically and can just muddle through with that (I hate reading on a laptop screen).

Happy Valentines Day all, got to go start pulling the day together!


Bill said...

Didn't you make a list of gear to bring with you?

Didn't you follow it?

ren said...

i thought you were going more streamlined anyway. it's all about quality not quantity. don't worry so much. except about the socks. socks are important.

Brenda Griffith said...

Bill, every show I say I forgot something. Every show you ask me if I have a list and if so, don't I follow it, and every show I say yes and yes. I don't know how I still forget things, it's a mystery!

Ren, sockage here is grim....