Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Philadelphia Bound

Coffee in the Montreal skyline mug, the sounds of the husband saying "Jeez, you're blogging?" and the spin of the cd drive writing an audiobook for me to then convert to MP3 so I can play it on the iPod for my music. That last tech may be beyond me. Trust me to find the only audiobooks of my hottest new releases available for Windows and Windows Media Player only.

So I take a break from packing to post. It's going to be an exciting day. I started it off on the wrong foot by messing with technology, but I'm back on the right path now and J and I will be on the road to Philadelphia by this afternoon. Yep, you read right, the J and I. The spouse's work schedule is just too uncertain with all the primary and caucus hoopla so she is going with me. My work schedule is full, but definite, and the Buyer's Market has a kid's camp during the hours that I need to be on the floor either setting up or selling. The big question is can I fit all my stuff, Dee's stuff, J and a seat for her, and a seat for another passenger on the way home, all in the back. The dolly might just push us over the limit. Guess I'll have to leave the J home. JUST KIDDING (it would be funnier if she could read).

I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone at this show! The once-a-year-dinner on Saturday with friends (sadly not Morimoto's this year), seeing all the beautiful new work... Enough looking forward to it, time to GET TO IT!


Bill said...

You've eaten at Morimoto's? Please expound!

Brenda Griffith said...

Oh it was yummy! I did got to the Niche awards first and so missed the beginning of dinner, but when I got there, they let me catch up. We had a 10 course (I think it was 10...) chef's tasting menu. Oh it was really divine. Perfect scallops, tuna, uni (sea urchin) and other delights.