Monday, February 04, 2008

Monday Run Day

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "The Invisible Man" by Joe Jackson on iTunes. Is it only Monday? I think I spent the whole night running and doing in my sleep. I hate that kind of night. I am now in the long downslide of the cold, the worst (I hope) is over. And today I start with a new shipper--DHL! They say all the right things, they charge the right amount, now let's see if they show up.

I spent the weekend trying to match the color blend on a set of custom plates I did two years ago. I have two of the original pieces here for comparison, and it's a good thing as the first fuse came up too washed out. Did the second fuse yesterday and I am betting I got devitrification on the cranberry, I never even took the pieces out of the kiln from the first fuse--I just added more blended frit on the problem areas (since I don't have to kiln wash or otherwise prep my kiln shelves there was no reason to remove them). When I finished adding the frit I noticed a little haze on one part of the cranberry (a solid element surrounded by frit and so not covered by the color adjustment). It's only going to get worse in another full fuse. So I'll see how the color turns out today and either do a superspray surface correction and one more color tweak--or I'll redo them from scratch.

FedEx just called, they have pretty much lost any chance at my small business account. they recommend I just call the day before I have a shipment going out and request a pick-up. My volume is too little for them to do a weekly pick-up. They must really deal only with the big fish if 6-12 boxes at a time requiring a dolly to pick-up is not worth their while to stop the truck. Please DHL, don't let me down.

Hargrove finally got me an official paper quote for the pick-up of my crate--and they upped the amount another 25% over the verbal making the shipping *double* the cost of the crate and 2-1/2 times what a regular freight company costs. Time to get creative on logistics again...

And now it's off to work. Miles to go before I sleep, glass to fuse, and orders to ship. PS--Wonder when Blogger will get the spellchecker fixed--or if it's even broken for anyone else...)


Anonymous said...

DHL worked for me. When I worked I used it every day. The delivery man even became a concerned friend and customer. Remember to be nice to him and he will go out of his way to help you. Once, I was running about 45 minutes late and he stopped in and I told him I would have to bring it to the office and he said, no sweat, he would be back in an hour. He walked in one hour later picked up my package, took a piece of candy from the candy dish on my desk and said see you tomorrow.

I use them now when I need overnight. MONYMAN

Bill said...

I suspect that FedEx was trying to force you to deliver the packages to one of their shipping offices; I bet your places of business were off their normal route, and the didn't want the deviation.

Dee said...

shipping companies can drive us crazy!!! i hope dhl works out better! as for hargrove!!!!!!!! we need to pester our floor reps to get us a better deal on the shipping like what we get for acre!!!! hargrove is f***ing rediculous!!!!!!! we could call them the shipping nazis AND they can't get their s**t together in feb either!!!!! and they didn't work overtime wed night to get things caught up either!!!!