Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday, Joe's Day

Coffee was a large Jittery Joe (extra shot of espresso) and music is satellite jazz. It's Tuesday, and I'm live from Joe's. Jester continues to improve, I shipped an order yesterday and am plodding through the rest on schedule for today and tomorrow shipping. I seem to have caught whatever intestinal bug Jessie had at the end of last week (it was inevitable) so I am spending most of today on the computer--makes sense since I am at Joe's. This afternoon when I get back to the studio I will ship and slump.

Today I work some more on the website, and I plan my pieces and firing schedule for the BMAC. I leave in a week, guess I better get to it. As tomorrow I will be looking at potential studios with my realtor friend Stacy, I'll also spend some time today writing up my needs for a space. I love designing studios! Heck I love organizing--at least the planning part of it. I'm not so down on the actual *doing* (and I DREAD moving the studio! I already told Dave I wasn't moving it again... but that sentence never worked so well with houses, why would I expect it to work with studios?)

Yesterday saw me conquering the immunization certificate requirements for J's new school (two hours at the Dekalb County Board of Health clinic because her doctor's office doesn't have an opening till August 16--when we're in Montana and she can't go to school without the certificate), beating the printer into shape (the info cards finally look the way they should), and knocking some sense into the remote control. I look forward to nothing new going wrong today.

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Bill Paley said...

Yes, but how's the dog?