Friday, July 13, 2007

Come What May

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, "Search and Destroy" by Iggy (Pop) and the Stooges on iTunes. Thus far this morning I have conquered converting audio cd's (which show up in the music library and thus in random shuffle) to audiobooks on iTunes and joining tracks for gapless listening. Scripts were required for both. In the process I discovered that though Harry Potter books are not yet available on Audible, they are at the iTunes store--and for less than the cd's. *sigh* I just got Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on cd from all *23 cd's of it*. There are 624 Mg's of data on each cd for a total of just over 14 Gigs. That's about all the hard drive space I left on my little beleaguered Mac. Fortunately, when iTunes got through ripping the cd's they only took up 1.44 gigs. The sad thing is that had I bought the iTunes store version to begin with and not done all the ripping and converting I could have used only 264 mg (note that that is just about exactly 23 times smaller than the original cd's). Everything is getting smaller (chips, space needed to store data, etc.) unless it's getting bigger (hard drives and other storage devices, transferal rates, bandwidth, etc.). What does all this have to do with glass? What do you think I listen to while I am driving to Philadelphia, Vegas, Chicago, etc. for shows? Philadelphia BMAC, here I come! And as I am doing set-up by myself this year I will have even MORE listening time.

Today, lots of piddly... poop to get through before I can get to the big part of the day--fusing! Image Media decided to send me a proof that looked nothing like what I requested. I sent them a pdf of the *exact* layout I wanted and, evidently, they didn't think it was jazzy enough as they added a background, color to the font, and changed part of the font to script. I hate script. So I spent the better part of the afternoon yesterday angsting (at least I know how to spell it now) over what to do. My friend Mike who just did a new logo for me sent me yet another re-do, and now I have to gird my loins and beard the graphic designer at Image Media in his den (and beat him over the head for wasting my time).

I also have to finish up with Hargrove (what an Italian opera THAT has turned into) and get my display forms in. Every show I seem to find myself throwing up my hands and saying "I'll fix it next time". I tried the PVC walls for the last show and though they are a nice, bright, cleanable white, they have several drawbacks: They are a tad long and so bowed from the weight of the hanging panels (whose chain pushed down on the tops of the panels), they are heavy (wear and tear on the car), and they are time-consuming and difficult to set-up alone. On the other hand, they are already paid for. *sigh*

On the plus side, it's Friday, I am not working this weekend, and I have a NICHE piece design!


Bill Paley said...

It's all so difficult, how do you manage?

Brenda Griffith said...

I am blessed with the trivial banality of my life's details at this time. True difficulty will some day arise, and I hope I bear up as well under it as you are. *hugs*