Friday, July 27, 2007

It's Friday, WIll It Be Fun?

Coffee in the Washington DC mug, "Tiny Dancer" by Elton John on iTunes. I feel a bit raw and bruised this morning (mentally, spiritually) and out of sync--just like the characters in Almost Famous on the bus the morning after the band fight in the midwest, the subsequent party with the teenagers ending in a swan dive into the swimming pool... Maybe singing along will give me the same uplift and healing it gave them. On the other hand, life isn't a movie. *sigh*

Do I seem just a wee bit scattered this morning? Real estate shopping will do that to you. The owner of a small business is the conductor of the train. The business is set on a rail-like path and goes forward as fast as the owner drives it, much like the train. Real estate shopping is a bit like getting off the train, hopping in a car and whizzing cross-country for awhile before coming back to the train, still waiting patiently in the station. The train has not moved in your absence because there was no one there to move it. A business, like a train, needs to keep moving. Two days of nothing happening in the studio might be bad (who knows where I am--I still haven't done my firing schedule for this show yet!) and definitely makes me anxious--especially a few days before a show. I still haven't done any more than inventory the work I have on hand--I haven't made a single new thing.

Yet there was no better time to go looking. Between the BMAC, Montana and BMAC orders I will probably be booked now through September. If I'm not, affording a studio at all becomes an issue. Today, though, I am back grounded in the here and now. I have to compartmentalize and put all thoughts of new studio space out of my mind. Focus on the show and what I need for it. Dee is bringing her stuff down today (I am driving stuff up for another artist--a jeweler so not big stuff. She flies and helps with the gas money and the unload on the other end) and I am finally shipping two orders and firing up Bertha for the first of at least three loads pre-show.

Jester (on the left above, his sister Seraph is on the right) is doing well after his surgery yesterday. They grafted a piece of skin from his stomach over the lower part of the wound on his thigh to cover it. They had to turn the skin so they said the hair might grow in upside down. My question is, who could tell?!? He comes home (hope, hope) tomorrow with a follow-up visit on Monday to have a drain removed from the wound. Then it's either convalescing at home or our local vet, depending on how much he needs to be monitored.

I just added a photo of him with Jessie to give a better idea of his size. He looks kind of puny in the pic with Seraph and he is 130 lbs of lean muscle and bone. The vet told me yesterday that he weighs more than she does.

Now off to figure out what I have to do today to be ready to go on Tuesday...


Bill Paley said...

Such the wee thing, the doggie.

Smasty said...

Sorry to hear about Jester's issues. It's so tough to have a sick animal. He's lucky to have you!