Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday, Quick! Quick! Quick!

Coffee is brewing--first cup of the day and it's just after 10:30... it's been a... morning. Sick child (all night), sick dog (off to the vet), I am just getting started now. Since J came home early yesterday, I didn't get a kiln load in. Today, today. The info card to FINALLY finish, a HUGE load to fire, and then planning for the new studio. Yep, a new studio. It's less a case of needing more space for the studio and needing to reclaim more of the house for the family.

But it's already late. I'll rhapsodize about the collaborative lattice wall piece I did with Elliott Metal Works later (Bill and Elaine came down yesterday and we put together the lattice piece and brainstormed more wall pieces, wall sconces, tables...)

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Bill Paley said...


Put the studio in, say, Tampa, and then commute daily?