Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer is Half Over

Coffee is a large Jittery Joe (extra shot of espresso), music is satellite radio rock, it's Tuesday, and I'm Live From Joe's! Yesterday, let's pause a second and remember yesterday. Yesterday I was so dead, flat-out, balls-to-the-wall busy that I didn't even get out of my jammies till 4:55 pm. A neighbor came by with her little girl looking for Jessie for a playdate at 4:45 and caught me still en jammie... I don't think she's coming back... ever. But I got to the bottom of the pile and I annihilated it! I usually just sort into four piles (studio to do, home to do, studio to file and home to file) and then I skim the top layer of both the to-do's doing just enough so they don't turn off the water and we can limp along for another week. Yesterday I not only sorted, but I bagged the to-file piles, executed the majority of the to-do piles and neatly put the rest of the to-do's in a folder to get to... eventually. I finished my last task at 11:00 pm when I faxed a revised stand order to Elliott Metal Works for my BMAC needs.

A note on the time-honored tradition of bagging piles of papers... Back in the Dark Ages of Graduate School I went to my advisor to pick up a paper that I had written for her weeks before. She baldly told me that she didn't know where it was. Her husband had reached his limit on papers piled all over their apartment and done one of his periodic purges, i.e., he put everything in green plastic garbage bags and put them in a closet. She would get me my paper back... eventually. I'm not sure I ever saw it.

The intense deck-clearing effort of yesterday has freed me up to do graphic design today (two magazine ads for the book and the proof on the info card) at Joe's and then begin the full-out firings that will continue until I leave for the BMAC. And then summer will be 2/3 over. How did that happen? I blink, it's over. Summer is already half over now. (Forget the whole starting June 22 thing: Summer is June-August. Period.) And there's still no pond... Better get crackin'!

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Bill Paley said...

Did filling your bags require a bulldozer? Did dealing with them require a shovel?