Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Chicken Little

Coffee in the Chicago skyline mug, sounds of family getting out the door for music. I feel a bit like Chicken Little this morning. I am crouched in a fetal position on the floor with my arms over my head wailing about the end of the world when I feel a tap on my shoulder. It was just an acorn, I am told. I cautiously lift my head and peer through my fingers waiting to be smote to dust. Nothing happens. Hmmm. What does all this mean? From Daniel's comment on Woe! Woe!, apparently not all versions of Internet Explorer render my beautiful pages as muck. Since IE is only installed as part of the Win 2K operating system and I never upgraded it, I am running IE 5. Glass Incarnate looks heinous on IE 5 (the nav buttons at the top *each* span the width of the page and are stacked one on top of the other). It looks the same on the iPhone--and the iPhone runs Safari. I don't have Safari on my laptop and I don't seem to be able to install it.... oh boy. It's going to be another one of THOSE days, is it? So feedback, please. Anyone else see a messy layout with the menu buttons all stacked on top of each other on Glass Incarnate? If so, what's your broswer and version? Thanks!

Yesterday, thanks to the heroic efforts of Mike Ziolkowski, I got an ad finished for the inside back cover of Profitable Glass magazine. Today I have to get it to them--and I hope it will be less effort than creating it was, but I'm not holding my breath. I also have to finish the artist card proof (LOOM, LOOM) and get it in to the printer. Finally, there is glass to fire! The big load is already partially in the kiln with a couple of hours left till completion on it.

CRACK! I hear the whip, time to mosey.


Bill Paley said...

I didn't think that Dave used whips on you...

Anonymous said...

Here's how things look in Safari 2.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.4.9: Glass Incarnate


Anonymous said...

How the heck did you delete Safari off of your computer anyway?

You can install the new Safari 3 beta, available at Or, if you want an older version, Safari 2.0.1 is available at That's just an update though, and might not install the full app. You can definitely reinstall Safari from your Mac OS X installation DVD. There's also an "uninstaller" provided with the Safari 3 installer that can revert you back to Safari 2, but I don't know if that's dependent on you having Safari 2 somewhere already.

Anonymous said...

Heh. That last was from me.


Licha Ochoa Nicholson said...

Hi Brenda,
I looked at your new site and it's just a wonderful layout full of rich colors! I love it! Congrats on the hard work well designed!

Oh yeah, one of my pieces was accepted by ACC-SE (American Craft Council -SE) and will be on exhibit in Gatlinburg, TN at Arrowmont in the Fall.