Thursday, July 12, 2007

Less Work = More Productivity

Progresso turkey noodle soup in a ceramic bowl, Muzak from my publisher in my left ear for music. *sigh* It's noon and it's been a morning. So far I worked on designs for a new collaborative series of wall sculptures with Bill Snell of Elliott Metal Works--we plan to have one or two for the BMAC in a couple of weeks, I requested a press release on my book with a high-quality image of the cover for ads I have coming out (ad and copy deadlines for the September and October issues of magazines are already whizzing past), and I came up with my NICHE entry for the year! I'm not going to tell, you're just going to have to wait. It's ambitious. 'Nuff said.

This afternoon, firing of the little pieces I had scheduled and beginning two good-sized orders I got in yesterday. I really thought July would be completely dead, but the orders are just trickling in steadily enough for me to feel good about it. I also have 100 words to write for a woman writing an article for the Crafts Report Octobe issue. She wanted to interview me about what book I would recommend giving to another artist... Is that a loaded question for an October issue (with my book coming out the first of November) or what?! However, I'll be noble. I must mention my own book (author=pimp, that's just the way it is), but I will also recommend some of my other favs for business and just for beauty/inspiration. If I don't have it (or didn't write it), I won't recommend it.

Yesterday afternoon I sat in the Sky chair and read a novel for five hours. I didn't move except to swing. I am so energized and motivated today as a reult that I am just overwhelmed! I *highly* recommend doing nothing (or nothing but reading) for an afternoon as a cure for the stress of overwork (not that I'm overworked right now--I wouldn't have taken off the afternoon if I were). Honestly, the energy you'll get from it will allow you to be more productive in the week than you would have been if you'd done nothing but work.

Now off to work!

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Bill Paley said...

Yes, go work.

I love work, I could watch you do it for hours...