Thursday, July 26, 2007

Big Day

Coffee in the Denver skyline mug, "Into the West" by Howard Shore (from the Lord of the Rings) on iTunes. For now it's just my spirit that goes into the west, my body is short-term and long-term bound for the east. Today I am off to look at more little house waiting, hoping to become studios. The neighborhoods I am looking in are filled with tiny bungalow and ranch homes from the 30's, 40's and even some early 50's. The homes have open, flowing floor plans and hardwood floors throughout. The neighborhoods are all shabby genteel inner city girls who are starting to shake their skirts, fluff their hair and strut into the desirable first-time-home-buyer market. Some are already renovated--and still reasonably priced, and some need a bit of work. It's a smörgåsbord (hey, notice all the little dots and doohickeys on that word? I have a *really* nifty spell-checker--it even corrected "doohickeys"!).

So what am I looking or in a studio now that the world is my mollusk? Well, the internal necessities are:
  • a kiln room that can be closed off (it gets mighty hot when Bertha is all fired up) and that has a big enough door (or double doors) to get Bertha in and enough room for all three kilns, a work table and all the mold storage
  • a wet-room/washout area for the restaurant sink, saws and grinders
  • a room for shipping
  • a frit layout area for my wall of frit
  • an inventory room
  • a main work area that will hold my cutting table and maybe all the glass
  • a small office
  • a teaching area
  • a room for the sandblasting set-up
  • a photography room
  • a small gallery area to display current work and use for a studio open house a couple of times a year
Whew! When I look at it in the detail, that's a lot of space! I currently have the 30 X 14 I indicated yesterday, and the majority of the 20 X 20 garage, and a 10 X 10 photography area in the craft room. Everything I have fits, but as anyone who's been in my studio will tell you, there's no walking room. There are paths through piles, and the "wall of frit" is daunting all by itself!

Okay, Stacy's here and we gotta go! The fridge gets delivered today, Jester has surgery this afternoon (he's doing *really* well--more on him tomorrow), it's a full day!


Anonymous said...

That first one looks like it needs a lot of work but you could gut it and rebuild as you want. Have you checked zoneing. My housing addition you can't have a business unless you also live in it. Then you have to jump through hoops. When you move are you going to be able to sell it as a home or have to sell it as a business. Good luck in your looking.

Bill Paley said...

I have to wonder if a bungalow is enough. How about a warehouse? Or a skyscraper?