Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Life Speeds Up

The fabled Blue Pine Dave brought back from MT for me.
When I first got back from the hospital, I had trouble settling in and finding things to do. Later in the week I had settled in, but the days were still slow enough that I could do something in the morning, then rest, then maybe do something else and be done for the day, and rest some more. There was a lovely balance between the things I needed to get done and the amount of time in a day. Sadly that time has passed and I am right back to the speeded up version of life I experienced back in the spring before going to Montana.

I get up early in the morning and go, go, go until evening. There is no time to nap or relax, and it's getting harder to get through everything on my list. Yesterday I made it through by the skin of my teeth, but today I didn't. So tomorrow I start the day finishing everything I didn't get to today--beginning with watering the garden which I only got half done today--and then I move onto tomorrow's tasks. How did this happen? Is it just because the entire family is back home? Do the pets and the spouse add that much more to my day? I don't think so. So what's going on? No idea so I just have to move on.

The child is definitely helping lift my load. She has a lot of clothes that she wants to buy that aren't in the 'need' category and which are designer-ish and cost more than I would pay (a Rita Oro jacket from Adidas, for example) so she is working for money to get them. The other day she vacuumed and mopped the wood floors, today she unloaded the trailer and the mini-van, tomorrow she will dust the house and clean the apartment. Even so, I still feel inundated by all this stuff I have on my plate. Where did it all come from? Some of it is from the round of appointments I had to make for both Jessie and me to get ready for fall (doctor, dentist, etc.) and some of it is from the new round of home improvements and contractors I have started. Maybe everything will slow back down soon... but I doubt it.

Part of making my life fuller comes with the fall round of classes at the Art School Laguna Gloria of the Contemporary. Registration for members (that's me!) begins tomorrow and I know pottery is in my future as is a wood and metal class with Zaga. Now I just have to decide about intro to watercolors. The drawing class I attempted last winter was less than successful as I missed the last third of the classes due to travel and other commitments. Maybe I should just stick with the two other classes for now and take up watercolors when I'm older.

In the meantime there are still the shirts I planned to make for Dave this summer, the spinning project I started for the Tour de Fleece, the sweater coat I am knitting from the Tour de Fleece wool, the blue pine bed and desk project, the glass orders which have been coming in, caring for the botanical garden apiary and pond, getting the apartment finished and on the market for vacation rental, harvesting the prickly pear fruit for dye jelly and syrup, and finishing the homework for the Master Spinner level one. Oh yes, and beginning to work out regularly in an effort to improve my health.

I am tired just thinking about all of it. Time to put in a load of laundry, clean up the kitchen and go to bed!


Cynthia Morgan said...

Uhm...I don't suppose taking it easy, reading a book, listening to some good music, etc., is on your "All I'm gonna do" list...?

ellen abbott said...

you obviously need shorter lists.

Bill said...

I can just see you doing things and while finishing them adding three more things to your lists.

Brenda Griffith said...

You are all correct, and I wish you weren't!

Bill said...

Sometimes, I hate being right.