Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Ups and Downs

Nothing like a sleeping kitten to make
you feel better
Listening to the frogs and toads courting in the yard accompanied by the susurration of a cricket serenade. The day winds down. Today's primary accomplishment was having a physical and arranging to have a full panel of blood work done tomorrow. The upshot so far is that I do have higher blood pressure than I should, and I have been put on a low dose of blood pressure medication. After the labs tomorrow I'll have to wait a week for the results (cholesterol, thyroid, diabetes, anything else weird going on) and then another week to have the CT scan and x-ray of the kidney (again). Life goes on.

Even Kaiju is napping with his peeps
Since my contractor let me down so badly I have to do a reconciliation tomorrow of everything I paid him, and then I have to take pictures of everything that is not done so I can follow up with legal action. Sigh. I am not looking forward to it--it's just that much more to do and all of it entailing negative energy. There will be no creative joy associated with going after him financially. It will be disheartening, tiring, and drudgery. But it's my job as household manager--and also as the person who mistakenly trusted him so thoroughly and paid him in advance.

But I will start the day with a piano lesson which gives me joy, then the medical lab work (considerably less joy), a couple of kiln loads (the joy meter rises), photographing the contractor negligence (all the joy sucked right out of me) a nap (add 10 joy points if I'm joined by a cat, 20 points for two), and then another marathon jewelry class (exhausting joy). I am proactively planning the nap because the instructor for the jewelry class has offered the opportunity to start 30 minutes early and end 30 minutes late, and I'm not going to turn that down, so I know I have an intense five hours to end the day tomorrow.


Bill said...

Please instant message me with the name and milligram dose of your blood pressure medication. If you don't mind me being a busybody...

ellen abbott said...

I just went through the whole cardiologist testing thing due to two weeks of active AFib (which went away on it's own so I know it was stress related). my blood pressure was a little high but not so much he put me on meds for which I am thankful. other than that...good strong heart, no blockages.

Brenda Griffith said...

Ellen, isn't getting old fun?!? We're like cars that have been paid off and reached the 80,000-100,000 mile mark and things are beginning to fail.

Bill said...

No reason why you can't get to 300,000 miles with routine maintenance.