Friday, August 18, 2017

Tour de Hives Preparation

The write-up on our apiary on the Tour de Hives map page.
I have gathered my books--both the small binders I created of the plants in the garden, and the vast collection of Texas plant books I have accumulated. I have made my shopping list (Dave is heading off early to buy ice, lemonade, iced tea and cups). At 6:15 am Zaga is going to meet me in the apiary to do inspections and feed the bees. Then I'm going to clean up contractor debris, water plants, and wait for people to come ogle my apiary. That's a less filthy activity than it sounds and not a euphemism. As I wait I'll weed. So even if no one comes by (not that I expect that outcome), I'll have a good time and get a lot done.

For the afternoon I'm supposed to head in to the rest of the TdH activities at Zilker Botanical Gardens. But it's also the last weekend of summer (how did THAT happen?!?), and so our final familial summer hurrah. I'm not sure how I want to spend it, but it would be nice to hang with Jessie.

Jessie who is NOT thrilled to be starting back to school. I always loved getting ready for school and the excitement of the first weeks and seeing my friends and starting new classes. Jessie, not so much. She likes being alone up in her rooms and occasionally coming down to forage for food. School is a just-bearable nightmare for her. So we're thinking of finding something fun to do with her this weekend. I have also registered for the Sunday 201 lecture sessions of the Tour de Hives, but, again, time with the J trumps that.

If I am going to get up joyfully (or even grudgingly) at 5:45 am, I had better toddle off to bed now.


Bill said...

Please avoid getting stung.

Brenda Griffith said...

Sadly I did get stung right out of the gate on the first hive, but then I suited up fully. Cranky bees.

Bill said...