Friday, August 25, 2017

Hunkering Down For Harvey

I hear a bit of music from the wind chimes, and then they pick up and the wind rumbles a deeper note. Harvey is coming and we are going to get pounded with rain. When to feed the bees is my biggest issue right now--and hoping we have enough candles when the power goes out as it probably will. We aren't worried about flooding or rock slides where we are. Trees blowing over could be an issue, but mostly we're going to hunker down and wait it out. Jessie's school is a refugee center for the storm and there will be a lot of people sleeping in the gym there probably into the week next week if the rain and flooding follow through. The storm is going to be bad enough, but the massive influx of rain over the next week is what's really going to kill us.

The day was spent in the jewelry studio--still without AC as the quote I got on replacing the broken unit today was waaaay out of our current budget. I started with big swooshes of organization--unpacking all the various tools into the cabinet--and by the end of the day I was separating out two colors of 11/0 seed beads--beads so tiny I can barely see them in two different shades of medium blue... Okay so maybe I went a bit overboard on the whole organization thing, but I am looking forward to hanging in their tomorrow and finishing up. As the jewelry studio is a glass greenhouse, 2/3 of the walls and all of the roof are glass. It'll be a cool place to hang in during a driving rain storm.

Hope Ellen and Marc are safe down in Wharton, and if the water level rises too high, hope they bring their cat and come hang out here in our apartment.

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Bill said...

Be safe.