Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Day In the Rain

Do I have time to post tonight? Not really. We are heading out into the storm to meet with some friends and play geek games. Fortunately they live just around the corner from us (by car) so we don't have to go far. As we have already braved the storm this afternoon to go see Logan Lucky--the new Soderbergh film--at the Drafthouse, we are not too concerned. Yes the wind is still howling, yes the rain is still coming down. But we're up high, if not dry, so we don't have to worry about flash flooding.

The wind was pretty fierce last night--fierce enough to tear the metal well-house door off its top and bottom hinges. It was left hanging from the middle hinge. When I looked at it this morning I saw that the wood of the door jamb was rotten so I'll need to remove the door, replace the rotted wood, paint it, and hang the door back up. If I still had contractors, this would all be easy. For now I have the door wedged shut so the beekeeping supplies stay dry. When it dries up a bit, I'll tackle it. Or I'll try to find a new handyman to help with some of my incomplete projects.

The jewelry tools and supplies are all but deployed in the jewelry studio. Tomorrow I'll hang the Foredom, and maybe even set up the torch. A girl can dream. Though I was planning on working in the glass studio tomorrow...

Some day I might clean, or do laundry, or something housewifely, but frankly I don't think I'm that kind of girl.

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Bill said...

I concur.