Sunday, August 27, 2017

Jewelry Studio and Rainy Bees

A yard art casualty of the wind--no glass broke though
We stayed housebound today as Harvey rained on. No hardship as we all had things we wanted to do in the house. There were a couple of times when the wind and the rain let up enough to walk around the garden a bit. Much of my yard art was blown over or blown down--including the wire man I had hung over the path into the botanical garden. But the glass didn't break--unlike the large metal bell on a plant stand that I hadn't moved off the driveway into the yard yet. It fell over and cracked right in half. I doubt I can, but maybe I can place it so only the front of the bell is visible and the back is hidden by foliage. It's not like I was actually going to ring it or anything. Jessie even gets a bonus for tomorrow as school is starting two hours late on account of the weather. I hear the rain still coming down out there and we have been very lucky that it has been moderate and steady and not an unrelenting, overwhelming deluge.

Organization has come to the jewelry studio
My day was, for the second day in a row, all about the jewelry studio. Since the temps stayed in the low to mid seventies all day it was easy to stay in there working and I got everything sorted and put away. This is a never-before-done accomplishment. The best I've managed previously is to get everything co-located in the same room or area. Now I not only have a drawer or shelf designated for all tools and materials and everything unpacked and in said drawers or on said shelves, but I also have labels on all the drawers! Dave is beside himself at the sight of more empty boxes indicating more progress on being totally moved in forever.

The cat on the mat
The torch isn't hooked up yet, but I got the Foredom hung and powered up. I also have a studio cat mat as both Kaiju and Pavlova like to
hang in there--though not on the same mat at the same time. Kaiju is more possessive of me so I have a feeling when I am in the studio, he will be too. He's the one who likes to escape out the front door when I am working in the garden just to hang out and watch me weed, or tend bees, or whatever. I think he thinks he's a smart dog (as opposed to the other dogs we have who are clearly idiots: They have collars to keep them in and out of areas, they don't get to sleep on the bed or wherever they choose, and they only get dry kibble not wet food too).

My jeweler's (watchmaker's) bench
And speaking of bees, tomorrow I have got to feed the bees and at least peek into the hives to make sure they're okay. Zaga is convinced her bees are dead. There are definitely dead bees on the front of the some of the hives--these last couple of days have got to have been hard on them. While the plants (especially the trees) have been all about the rain, the wind has taken a toll on the bees. But tomorrow morning they all get big bottles of sugar syrup as soon as there is a break in the rain. It would be the height of rudeness to open up the hive and let in the rain on top of everything else so the inspection is going to be cursory (if at all). It will also probably still be windy and inspecting when it's windy is a great way (not just good but great) to get stung. Needless to say, I'll suit up as the suit will keep me away from both bee stings and rain.

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