Saturday, August 05, 2017

I Soak Up Relaxation and Energy Reserves

Life has been complicated for the past couple of years. Mom died, we moved to Texas, I sold my studio building and have restructured my business, we have been in non-stop renovation mode for over a year, Dave started a new job, Jessie started high school, and I am now having health issues exacerbated by age. Complicated. And difficult. Even Montana was, well I won't say ruined because it wasn't that bad, but it was definitely sub-optimal this summer due to life's difficulties.

This weekend we are stepping out of time and obligation and chaos for a three-day family vacation at the Hill Country Hyatt Resort and Spa outside of San Antonio. We are all hanging out together, and yet we're also doing the individual things we each want to do. Today was the first day and it was amazing. In order to get us here early I made a spa appointment for a pedicure at 9:00 at the Windflower Spa. That meant we had to get up at 6:30 to be out the door by 7:15. While I had a pedicure, Dave had breakfast and Jessie hung with me in the spa. Then Jessie and I had breakfast while Dave checked into our room and got into his swimsuit for a day in the water. It was like a well-choreographed ballet with each of us swimming in and out of the others' orbits, and it happened effortlessly. There were no long discussions about who wanted to do what where when. We just did our thing(s) and the day flowed on. There was floating in inner tubes on the lazy river, there were massages, there was a nice dinner, and now there is lazy lounging in the room.

I can feel my body recharging and filling with the energy I am going to need for fall. Dave had the I'm-on-vacation-so-I'm-not-coding creative burst which resulted in him coding a surprising amount of cool new functionality for his company. I didn't begrudge him at all because that's how creativity manifests: You empty your mind and all the wonderful ideas just flow in to fill it up. I dream in glass, wood, silver, clay, wool, and home design. Dave dreams in code. I'm not sure what Jessie dreams in--I didn't ask her what she was working on today. Maybe she was just relaxing. (And freezing--right now she has a knitted hat on and is huddled under a blanket on the couch because it's so cold to her. I'm hot-flashing. Guess who got to set the thermostat.)

Tomorrow will be filled with more of the same as will half the day Monday. Monday afternoon we'll finally wend our way back to Austin, but until then I'm a creative energy sponge.


Bill said...

Don't sponges just sit in one place and let the world come to them?

Anya said...

As long as you can feel this way and write this fluidly about it, I will not worry about you at all! Keep it up.