Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Train Wreck That is My Week Continues On

I'm baring my soul. I started to feel out of touch several months ago when I just could not make a mental connection to the definition of the word "meme". I would hear the word, know it meant something that everyone around me (namely Dave and Jessie) understood, but it felt like it was from a foreign language to me. It took about three months before I *finally* got it and felt comfortable using the word in a sentence. Looking back I blamed my inability to grasp the meaning on my B12 deficiency. In honor of how far I've come, I start this post with a meme. Of course, given how my week has been going, I won't be surprised if I get that wrong too and what follows isn't really a meme.

"I can only please one person a day and today is not your day... Tomorrow isn't looking good either." For a snapshot of my week thus far, switch it around a bit to "The universe only lets a few people triumph per day and the past two days were not my days... and today isn't looking good either". I started on Monday with the debacle of the bees--two more sting casualties added to the count since I posted the details. The latest victims were both neighbors. One was a man who was power-walking by the garden as part of his morning workout. He's prepping to do a trek in the Himalayas with his son (not sure if it's Everest, but it's still a BIG DEAL). He got stung five times--thank heaven he's not allergic! The second (I heard from another neighbor this morning) was the man who lives across the street from the gardens who was in his yard and got stung on his hand. He's the man who lives behind the big wall who was mentioned in the post This Whole Thing Could Have Ended Very Badly. So not a great start to the week.

Then yesterday I was crushed by my lack of savvy regarding "throwing shade". Even my friend the professor (who is my age) threw shade at me for my ignorance. Enough said on that low spot. In my defense, and in spite of the data points of my performance this week, I have felt more on top of things and aware since I started on blood pressure, B12, and diabetes meds. I find a good gauge of mental acuity is how well I do at Sudoku on hard, spider solitaire with four suits, and Words with Friends. Lately I have been kicking it on all of them so I've been a bit smug about my focus.

Fast forward to this morning. My schedule was pretty tight: Piano lesson 9-9:30, car in for service 10-11:30, Dr's appt 12-12:15, lunch with the child 12:35-1:16, break for a few hours and then off to the last jewelry class from 5-10:30. The piano lesson went great. I still can't play Bach's "Prelude in C" with any skill, but I did pretty well on "Rock Around the Clock" and had great first read-throughs on both "You Really Got Me" and "Amazing Grace". I was doing so well (having so much fun at piano) that I actually ran a bit late. I think my teacher also appreciates having such an enthusiastic student who really loves to practice and looks forward to her lessons so I don't think she minded the few extra minutes either.

I grabbed my laptop and my bag with my knitting and I was out the door. The minivan, though pretty new, has been badly treated over the past few months with two drives between Austin and Montana, and hauling a trailer load of wood and woodworking tools over the Rocky Mountains on the way back. It's been a bit hesitant to start and was overdue for service so I wasn't entirely surprised when I got in it today and it wouldn't start. The lights came on an it beeped at me, but the console lights wouldn't come on and the engine wouldn't turn over. I called Greg at Friendly Car Care to tell him I wasn't going to be able to make my appointment. He said that sometimes the push-button-start cars need you to press really hard on the brake before pushing the start button, or there can be an issue if it's not all the way in Park. I pushed really, really hard on the brake, and nothing. I tried to move the gearshift around, and it was firmly in Park. Then he said to call Honda because the battery should still be under warranty. I called and sure enough it was so I said I would bring it in today.

Next I needed to call AAA to get a jump. I reached across the seat for my bag and rummaged through it for my wallet to get the AAA card for the phone number and my member number. No wallet. In fact, no purse. I had left it in the house. Therefore no car "keys". My car wouldn't start because I didn't have the keys. Even technology is getting the best of me this week!

I got the car in, and while I was waiting for it to be serviced I casually watched the Wendy Williams Show. Her guest today was Yvette Nicole who gave a frankly wonderful interview about comfort with yourself and your body and being strong in your goals--all kinds of great things. Then she mentioned meeting the new Spiderman Tom Holland and she said "I think he gave me rhythm", and I was back to yesterday with absolutely no clue what she meant. At least this time I got to salvage my pride because when I told Jessie about the comment at lunch she also did not know what "giving rhythm" meant. When I told her the definition (as provided by the Urban Dictionary: "Verb. To engage in flirtatious actions between two people.") she said it sounded stupid. I said it probably sounded stupid because I said it.

Now I'm back home and I'm going to go work on my jewelry projects for awhile before class so I might have a chance at finishing one of them tonight. I need something to go right this week.

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Bill said...

Don't worry about slang. It changes as fast as you learn it.