Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Tour de Hives!

After my whiny rant and my failure to either clean the kitchen or do laundry last night, I am almost ashamed to post tonight as I, in gluttonous fashion, added several longish-term things to my plate today. In my defense, I did make it through my list today and I am feeling good about tomorrow. I also cleaned the kitchen and made progress on the laundry.

The Art School at The Contemporary opened class registration today for members so to be sure I could get the classes I wanted, I registered for two sessions of pottery (running in succession) and a class in wood and metal with Zaga. The first pottery session and the wood and metal class start in September. I also signed up for an intermediate level jewelry making (silver smithing) class at the Creative Side starting next Monday and going Monday and Wednesday nights for four hours until the end of August. It's my end of summer hurrah and will, I hope, springboard me to finish setting up my own jewelry studio.

In addition to art classes, I signed up for a couple of days of classes in beekeeping and beeswax products the weekend of the 18th, and my apiary is one of the stops on the Tour de Hives this year on August 19 (the classes are the 18th and the 20th)! While I am excited to be on the tour, I hope I haven't bitten off too much of an obligation. The tour hours are only 9-12, but I should probably have some info prepared about the apiary, what books I like, plant lists from the garden, etc.

Lest it be thought that I am disregarding glass, I ordered stands from Bill and shipped two orders today with more firings and a shipment planned for tomorrow. Still haven't put in time on the glass website, but did finally kickstart an entirely new business endeavor today with the creation of a listing for our guest house (The Roost At Stone's Throw) on HomeAway. Tomorrow J and I will finish setting everything up in it and deploying the linens and furnishings we got today at Target. Then we (I hope Jessie) will take pictures and the listing will go live. Next stop: vacation rental manager! I am a woman of many hats. Oh, and this is a good time to mention that if you are planning to come visit you had better get me your dates soon so I can take the dates down from HomeAway.

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Bill said...

Many hats indeed. How many heads do you have to fill them?