Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Bed

The night winds down and I listen to the sound of two girls giggling and the fan running in our room for white noise. Dave has already retired for the evening and I need to do the same, but I was lost in the bed project all evening and didn't get to my post till now. I am happy to say that after many days of practicing Sketch-up, studying woodworking techniques, watching innumerable YouTube videos on woodworking, and pouring over pictures of beds on Pinterest and Houzz, I have finally put together a solid rough out for the new bed. It's big, heavy, and will be unique in both its quirky design and asymmetrical flow. I made a list on Trello of all the elements we want in it: lights, built-in charging stations on both sides, electrical outlets on both sides, beverage nooks for his diet coke and my water, a small jewelry catch-all, places for Kleenex and lotion, support for sitting up, small night tables, a big shelf, and a drawer or two.

The construction will include mortise and tenon joints with drawbore pegs in ebony or another dark hardwood, and a drawer with dovetail through joints and ebony sides. Further design elements that I am considering are ebony inlay and glass cutouts.

But for the rest of tonight, my designing will be done behind my eyelids. G'Night from Montana!


Bill said...

Smooth or rough surfaced?

Brenda Griffith said...

Glossy smooth, but with the natural edges of the log on the head and foot boards.