Thursday, June 15, 2017

Another Penultimate Day

The bog pond gets planted
Tomorrow is our last day in Austin for awhile, and it's my last intensive day of contractors. Today... was a pretty great day! The contractors stayed last last night and tonight and they will finish the cosmetic parts of the pond by tomorrow--that is to say all the rock work and the waterfalls. There is still a lot of plumbing and filtering infrastructure to get in--and heaven knows when they're going to work on that as they are moving on to their next job on Saturday. I just hope they get to most of it before I come back in July.

Tomorrow night I'll do the final reveal with pictures, but for tonight I'm just going to watch another episode of Deadwood with the spouse and go to bed early. I was out in the sun all day again today watching the pond construction and putting in the bog plants. I am sunburned, and my eyes are burning from the sunscreen running into them. Maybe a gin and tonic will help...

1 comment:

Bill said...

Maybe a sun hat and leave the sunscreen just on your nose and cheeks?