Friday, June 09, 2017

Still 56

After the big birthday celebration yesterday, today was a lot of same old, same old. The contractors are still behind, but I still love them. I didn't get to everything on my list, but I got half way through. Mostly I'm just content. Lots of lovely Facebook birthday wishes, a few phone calls, and a perfect evening with the spouse. But today... just was! I did get Zaga's bees and set them up this morning, but I'll write about that tomorrow in Misbeehiving. Today's post on yesterday's affair of the varroa mites (gack!) was long enough. I hope Dave isn't too annoyed about his kitchen strainer...

For now I'm going to put away the Chinese takeout (we had Vietnamese for lunch) and settle in to read my book a bit. I might also stew a bit more about where the cardigan I'm knitting has disappeared to, but maybe I'll drown those sorrows in another glass of wine and my book. I love well-crafted stories where people do heroic feats of daring do (magical, in the case of the book I am reading now) to help other people and triumph over evil. Okay, enough writing. Time to READ!

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Bill said...

Which book? Or is it: "Witch Book"?