Saturday, June 10, 2017

Something's Coming

I love the blank, bottomless rectangle that is a fresh Blogger post screen! Like the day that the post will chronicle, it begins with infinite possibility. I can hear Tony singing "Something's Coming" from West Side Story as I write this post. Of course by the time I write the post the day is over, but what spills from my fingers to the screen is anybody's guess--I don't even know what I'm going to write about until the first sentence forms. Spontaneity, that's what makes bouncing out of bed in the morning worth it. Oh sure, life is worth getting out of bed for, but spontaneity makes you bounce.

Today was a good spontaneous day. We could have (arguably should have) spent it checking things off lists and getting ready for the great summer migration, but it wasn't really necessary. It was much more fun to go for a walk this morning, and then go for a late lunch/early dinner at Roaring Fork this afternoon. There we sat out on their deck playing Tsuro, munching on appetizers, and sipping frufty cocktails. What made it even better is that we followed it up by going home and taking a nap, only getting up to water Zaga's tomatoes (for me) and to craft some code (for Dave) before heading to Bryon and Vanessa's for a late evening playing Takenoko. I feel so wonderfully, exuberantly carefree. (I almost wrote irresponsible, but responsibility didn't raise its ugly head today.)

Tomorrow, Sunday, will be a good day for responsibility, planning, organizing, and packing. After breakfast--or maybe brunch. Food has taken on a whole new aspect with Jessie gone. eating out has been easier than eating in, and Dave and I both like the same things so deciding where to go isn't the struggle it is when the three of us have to come to a consensus. Soon, however, all choices will be removed as the watering holes we frequent in Polson are The Smokehouse and McKenzie River Pizza for dinner, and Pop's Grill and Mrs. Wonderful's Marmalade Cafe for breakfast or lunch. I guess there are a couple more places we'd do lunch--even very generic Mexican and Thai places. But we mainly stick to the first four. We'll be back in a town with one, tiny, two-screen movie theatre and two restaurants we'd dine at.

That's what's coming--and I can't wait.

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Bill said...

But, you MUST wait...