Saturday, June 17, 2017

In the Motel With Three Dogs and Two Cats

Everyone is on edge and testy tonight after 14 hours in the car. Well, everyone who was in the minivan anyway. Dave, who drove the Mini Cooper alone without even any music to keep him company, is the most sanguine of all of us. Kaiju doesn't deal with stress well--he lashes out at everyone with wicked teeth and wickedly fast claws. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to towel him to get him into the carrier tomorrow. Today, after a brief foray around the car, he went back into his carrier (each cat has to have their own because Kaiju is vicious when he gets put into it) and slept there all day. Pavlova slept in my lap and the days were good in the back (Gallifrey gets the back bench seat and Jig and Baxter took turns on the other backseat).

All went well until Baxter managed to slip off the seat on the door side and get himself wedged. He cried and carried on and just got himself more and more stuck. There we were doing 75 mph going through somewhere near Denver and I had to pull off onto the shoulder and get out to help Baxter. But it got worse. When I opened the side (powered) door, Baxter slid and his head went through the bottom of the door mechanism. The doors are meant to open if you close them on something, but apparently there is no safety mechanism if something falls through to the back. I was hauling on the door trying to stop it from closing on his neck as it was opening and the cars on the highway (thankfully on the other side of the car) were zipping by at a bezillion mph. I ended up grabbing his collar and pulling him out by his neck. We were both shaking by then, but he was okay.

Now we're settled into a La Quinta, Dave went out for a bottle of wine while I ordered pizza to be delivered. Everyone has eaten, and we're ready to sleep. Tomorrow, Montana.

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