Friday, June 02, 2017


I can't believe I actually made it to the end of the week! I am ready to drop right now, but I still have to help Jessie pack when she gets home from the anime movie and pizza party she's attending at a new friend's house. She leaves for Atlanta tomorrow morning at, gulp, 7:05 am (what was I thinking when I chose that departure time?!?!?). We need to leave for the airport about 5:30 am. I swear I'm coming right home and sleeping after we drop her off.

Work at Stone's Throw has been challenging this week. Materials haven't shown up or the wrong materials have shown up. The workers are blocked because they don't have the tools, the materials, or both to do their jobs. I am seriously losing my calm! The latest snafu was the second round of rock delivered for the top edge of the pond. First the stone was 4X4X10" block. I rejected that before they even got it off the truck. Then they brought the flagstone shown above. I thought that was going to be okay, but as soon as they got it laid out, it's obvious it doesn't fit in at all with the tidiness and regularity of the rest of the stone. Today I went out to the stone yard and picked the stone I wanted (that was three hours out of my day I didn't really have to spare), and Monday it will be delivered.

The liner and washed river rock for the bog pond should also come Monday. I forgot to ask about the scaffolding for the painters, but I will send the contractor a text and remind him about it for Monday too. Maybe the electrician will even show up Monday and we'll have a fully productive team! Considering I had planned to have all of the gardens including the pond done by the end of March--at the latest--I am way past needing it to be done. I am so glad we don't have any kind of renovation project in Montana this summer... Though I do need to clear my parents' stuff out of the metal building on the lake property. I sold my share in it to my uncle last year and now I need to get all the stuff out so he can set up a workshop. Maybe he'll even let me use some of his tools!

Okay, it's still 82 degrees here in Austin. The last time I looked this afternoon it was 92. I am sticky with dried sweat and have a burning desire to wash my hair so I'm going to go shower and rest a little before helping the J pack.


Bill said...

Question 1: When are you supposed to head to Montana?

Question 2: Air conditioning?

Question 3: There is NO...Question 3...

Brenda Griffith said...

Answer 1: A couple of weeks.

Answer 2: Not in the garden!