Friday, April 28, 2017


What a difference a day makes! Came in from watering (in the dark by the light of my iPhone) to find the Sprout and Dave (sort of) watching music videos. I was handed the remote and am now watching/listening to "No More Words" by Berlin... nope, nope, now it's "Smoke On the Water" by Deep Purple. That one's less of a music video and more of a live concert recording. And now the music is off and Dave and I are out on the deck having a slice of strawberry peach pie from the Grand Traverse Pie Company thanks to Ed and Susan. They gave me a pie subscription for my birthday last year, and periodically I get a delicious fresh pie in the mail. That's how the day went too--every time I turned around something else was going on.

So why was today different? Well I still don't have any of my administration tasks done, but the guys made tremendous headway in the garden. The topsoil, river rock and decomposed granite were all wheelbarrowed into place. The stream in the backyard has been patched and it is almost completed. Everything to do with well water is working again (yay! Showers for everyone!). I can actually squint and see it all done. I have to squint pretty hard, but it's nonetheless visible.

Tomorrow is the big annual sale at Hill Country Water Gardens, and I went out there today with Zaga to make a list of all the plants I want--both lilies and marginals--and I also made myself a little map to go along with my list telling me where they all are. I even  got the name of one of the guys who works there and he walked through with me today looking at everything on my list. Tomorrow I'm going to get there about 8:30 (if it's a nice day) so I'm ready when they open at 9:00. I'm going to find Jared, give him my list and map, and I hope to be out of there by 10:00-10:30. The spouse is even going to Igor for me.

I'm also picking up another brood box from Laura and Danny Weaver of Bee Weaver Apiaries tomorrow, and on Sunday when I get to look at the hives again, I'll move the frames from the box I borrowed from Zaga to the new one. Her bees are coming next week and we'll have five hives set up. Then I just have one more nuc and hive coming from John Swan of Wicked Apiary in a couple of weeks. But more about bees in the bee blog!

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Bill said...

You shouldn't squint. Your eyes might stay that way.