Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Another Day, Another Plant... Or Fifty

After consuming way too much good food and spirits last night on my date out with Dave, I didn't sleep well and woke filled with dread at the prospect of an early morning (8:00 am) piano lesson and then a day on the road doing the last great nursery tour. I should've known better than to plan a tour anyway. Even though the last info I got from Medina Nursery was that they didn't really have any of the plants on my current wish list, I should've known I'd find more than enough plants there to fill the car completely (and they were my second stop--the first was Ladybird Johnson Wildflower Center to get more turfgrass seed. No, it's not Bermuda, Zoysia or St. Augustine... Then I headed to Medina to pick up the plants I bought last time but couldn't fit into the minvan.

I thought that would leave me with plenty of time and space to hit a couple more nurseries recommended by Medina. The guys from there sent me a list of other good native nurseries, and the route I planned out is below. I should've known it was both WAY too ambitious, and overkill for right now. But I have it for future road trips--maybe when Debbie comes down from Dallas.

I got home just before 6:00 tonight and was too tired to unload the van before dinner. It's too dark now so I'll do it first thing in the morning before heading off to pottery class. It's hard to tell from the pic above, but the plants are packed solid from the very back to the back of the front seats (all the other seats are out) and even in the front passenger seat.

Tomorrow afternoon I have to take Baxter in to the vet again. He's doing well, but I feel badly that he has to spend all day in a rate. But when he's out, he paces, and the vet wants him completely immobile for the next two weeks minimum to really give the hip time to settle into the socket.


Bill said...

My grandmother, may she rest in peace, would say that you have "big eyes".

Bill said...

Poor wee pup.