Tuesday, April 18, 2017

A Sick Day

This afternoon I gave myself permission to take a sick day. Of course by that time it wasn't a whole day, but I spent much of the afternoon just lying on the bed. With cats. Cats apparently have to pretend you have a lap even when you don't. And they are very persnickety over who gets this prime real estate. Pavlova was first to pounce on the opportunity to snuggle with mom this afternoon, and when Kaiju showed up he was quite disgruntled to find her already in what he considers his spot. But (for once) they settled in amicably and we all sort of dozed. I blame the ham. Or the caffeine in the coffee and tea I drank. Whatever it was, I had a headache, upset stomach, vertigo, and a racing heart. It was good just to chill for a bit. Unfortunately it meant that I didn't get my glass work done, but I just wasn't up to it. Tomorrow.

This week in the garden has been slow. The general contractor who runs the crew didn't come yesterday as he had a family thing, and he didn't come today as he was sick. The concrete guys were in a car accident yesterday and spent today trying to get their truck out of impound so they didn't show up (either day) either. One of the part-time workers quit last week because he was told (not by me) that he couldn't wear shorts--against the GC's policy--on the job. Any kind of long-term contracting is very much a game of hurry up and wait. But I rescheduled my bee pick-up from tomorrow to Sunday (yes sir, yes sir, three hives full!) so I have a bit of breathing room, and I confabbed with the three main workers today and gave them a list of things they can start on in the morning while we wait to see if the GC and the concrete guys show up.

Now it's after 9:00, which is a perfectly reasonable time to go to sleep. Hope I actually CAN sleep tonight--last night was rough as I think my upset stomach started about 1:00 am. At least I got some good Words With Friends time in.

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Bill said...

Racing heart? "Upset" stomach? Have you considered the wisdom of seeing a doctor?