Friday, April 14, 2017

Sensory Experiences

Lyre-leaf sage in one of the new beds
It was my very great pleasure today to meet a friend of a friend, Chris Maher, who is in town teaching a couple of cooking classes. He stopped by today and we must have talked for almost four hours. It is so rare to meet someone you can talk to and listen to for hours and still have so much you want to share. Chris is a chef and an actor and is both very successful and very fulfilled by each career. I love interacting with people who are able to follow their passions! We hope to have him teach a dinner here at our house next Saturday. It's very short notice, but I think we can pull a few people together. And I hope this will be the first of many dinner party classes he teaches here.

While Chris and I were talking, the guys were working outside and by tomorrow morning (yes, Jay is coming back on Saturday just to finish this) we are going to have a working stream! It turns out that the pipe carrying the water from the pump at the bottom to the waterfall at the top was broken in two places and filled with acorns and other debris--it's a wonder Don was able to get any water out of it at all to show it to us running when we were originally looking at the house. Jay's crew dug up the entire pipe and replaced it, then Jay replaced the pump and rewired it, and tomorrow he will put the last touches on the electrical and we'll have a stream!! The stream, as completely unnecessary to the running of the house as it is, is one of the most important features of this place for me. When I updated Dave on the status of the work out there I was very surprised at how happy he was that the stream will be functional for the first time since we've owned the house (over a year and a half now!). I knew it was important to me, but I thought he didn't really care about it.

Now I sit and listen to the frogs--I think that's what's making that weird noise--and the water in the little ponds on the back deck, and I am ready to dip into my eyelids again. At  least tonight I didn't fall asleep three times in the midst of writing this post like I did last night. And tomorrow is Saturday! No alarm going off!!!

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Bill said...

Perhaps Dave is looking forward to taking a dip in the stream?