Monday, April 17, 2017

Giving Up For the Night

Another day, another plant in the ground--or, in the case of today, two and a half flower beds worth of plants in the ground.  All I have left to place are the shrubs, trees, and vines--and none of them are going in the new raised beds. The result? I don't have enough plants to fill the beds. In part this is because I haven't worked the seeds into the planting, and at this point I don't know if I'm going to. Maybe I'll plant them all in back or on the side. If I don't plant them this year, I'll need more potted plants.

Right here is where I would normally natter on about all the plants that were put in, or some other aspect of the day. But I am just too pooped. We are newly home from the Dr. Who season premiere which we saw on the big screen (I love Fathom Events!) and I had a VERY long day with the solar install company, the City of Austin electricity workers, my regular landscape installers, and life. So I'm going to save a longer, better post for another night. Now I am going to close my twitching eyelids, and dive deep into them. Goodnight all.

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Bill said...

Work, work, work.