Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Must. Sleep.

Another long day, another post. Eleven years ago when I started this blog I would begin with my beverage and background music. Tonight the beverage was a Negroni made for me by my child whom we are training to be a bartender so she can get a good job while she's in college (good tips and you're separated from the clientele by the bar). Music is While My Guitar Gently Weeps, covered by Regina Spektor, from Kubo and the Two Strings.

Today was an amazing day wherein I consummately wore a great many of my hats. There was gardening. There was apartment furnishing in preparation for renting it out. There were secret Pal Easter baskets prepared and delivered to McCallum teachers (eight of them). And biggest deal, a friend of a friend who is an award winning chef (James beard and all) contacted me today about getting together as he will be in town teaching Friday. At the end of the conversation I decided it would be a good idea to host a culinary class at our house with him later this spring. I am very excited to be unveiling Stone's Throw  at last. It's not done--it won't be done for a while as I have lots of artistic projects to complete from kitchen backsplash and leaded glass cabinet doors to a tiled entryway to inlaid wood projects (dining room table, bed headboard, and desk--just to name a few). And then there's the master bathroom... All I can say is carpet, and that should be enough.

Tomorrow begins with pottery--and I miss Becky yet again (and I should reply to her texts!). I'm going to go in early again and see how many pieces I can throw before class starts. the other week I did four and mashed all of them but the last one into balls of clay to reuse later. Pottery is all about the journey. The last thing I need is a bunch of substandard pieces. Wonky is okay--great even. But the piece has to have character to keep. I'm over keeping everything I make. the teacher had an interesting take on it. She asked us if we would record every piano practice and keep it if we were learning piano. Hell the hell no! I am learning piano and some of the things I play are downright hard on the ears. In spite of my conservatism, I have kept four pieces so far--two from last week. I'm into bowls right now and I'm looking forward to making one or more tomorrow.

Lastly on the creative front, I bought flowers today for some ikebana practice. My sensei will be very pleased that I am getting back to weekly lessons. And now I'm ready to crash. Just like clockwork every night, I hit a wall and am incapable of doing anything other than sleep. Wall, meet face. Okay, we've introduced ourselves, time for bed.

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Bill said...

It's good to keep busy.