Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Montana Roll-Up

Another late night posting. I thought about doing the beverage and song, but the India Spice tea has begun giving me heartburn so I'm giving it a pass, and nothing has taken it's place. I am listening to Ernie purr and dodging disgruntled paws with sharp claws attached to a feline who can't understand why my fingers are on the keyboard instead of stroking his supreme majesty. (Ow! Those claws are SHARP!)

Three more roll-ups done today. We are working on a new roll-up technique that is significantly different enough from the Australian roll-up to merit its own name--I give you (drum roll please), the Montana roll-up! Yes, we're in Atlanta Georgia, but we're a studio named for a place in Montana--besides, the Atlanta roll-up makes me think of a fleabag rent-by-the-hour motel. The Montana roll-up sounds more... romantic and dashing. Pics soonish.

Things turns out to be a pretty amazing piece of software. It's not on the level of the Kindle or the iPhone for life-changingness, but it's pretty great. (Ernie has decided that if I won't put my hands on him, he'll put his head on the side of the laptop and snooze for awhile.) I was so inspired by it (and disheartened by the amount of effort that it takes to use the automated ordering spreadsheet that I laboriously created to manage my Bullseye glass and equipment sales) that I started the search for another piece of software--an affordable, feature-rich point-of-sale (POS) application for the Mac. You'd think I'd asked for a sliver from the true cross. Intuit wants $1,900 for the software and hardware periperals, and their app doesn't even run on a Mac! I am testing Checkout now--and it won't cause me to mortgage Jessie if I decide to get it. Dave has made the obligatory offer to write me a POS, but I thought I'd really try to find an easy commercial solution system before throwing myself on his programming mercy.

The Buyer's Market is now 11 days away (gack!). I really need to get started on the work for it. Heck, I need to get a list made OF the work for it! Tomorrow (yawn).


Bill said...

Busy, busy, busy.

Oh, and don't forget to pet the cat...

Dee said...

mortgaging the child would not be a good thing! and not having dave write the system will make the home life easier ;P

and make sure give ernie plenty of treats!