Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Have Connectivity!

Good afternoon from Dallas! Internet connectivity has picked up and I have a steady strong signal today. Whoo hoo! However it's still not enough of an incentive to get me to stay in the showroom for another year, nor is the order I took today (surprise, surprise!). It was from a gallery (jewelry store) in Tombstone Arizona and when they asked me if I did ACRE and I said yes, they were dumbfounded that they didn't see my work there last year... Glad the booth that required the most set-up time EVER was so memorable. It's very good that we're moving to a new, clean layout this year.

Traffic has been pretty good today, but I don't feel I'm seeing anyone I would court that I won't also see in Philly or Las Vegas. The few people I have talked to have been either decorators (and I'm not looking to move into that market after all) or little localish store owners (nurseries, eg.) and the business I get from them doesn't warrant the cost of the show.

Now if I were in lighting, this would be the place to be--and maybe of my neighbors in the showroom carry lighting. This is, by all accounts, THE show for lighting. Maybe if I move more into the sconce arena (not an immediate goal--though I have tossed the idea around before).

So my goal is to work on my websites for the next *five* days I have to be at this show. I have class lists, class descriptions and schedules to create for, and gallery lists, articles about upcoming shows and new work to write up for I also have my Kindle and an Internet connection (and my Mom). What more could I ask for?

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Dee said...

new clients? wine? sexy male eyecandy wandering past? chocolate?