Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Doncha Just Love 14-Hour Workdays?

A glass of milk and a can of fizzy water, and I'm ready to post. J is up taking a shower, and once I finish the bedtime ritual with her, I'll be ready for a couple more hours work. I have run out of time, it's the end of the line, I MUST decide on the pieces I am taking to the Buyer's Market next week. Then I have to make the firing schedule for them, create the layout on the panels for them in our display, and order the acrylic stands for said display (!). Yeah, well, I've been busy.

Today was a BIG day. Did three roll-up pieces with Lee, had a work critique session of the roll-ups and new paperweights with Lee, Todd and Dee, and then had J's brownie troop (12 8 year-old girls) in for a fieldtrip to make suncatchers or small plates. It's no wonder I didn't get to the BMAC work (or any other kiln loads, for that matter). I did get Brian on task for the next torchworking classroom projects--class write-ups, outdoor tank storage, and a ventilation system. And yesterday I redid the front page on the Siyeh Studio website. Check it out. I won't get postcards out for the show this time (it's really too late for that), but I think I will at least have the new pieces and colorways up on the Wholesale Crafts website and on my website.

Tomorrow, as Scarlett said, is another day. Tomorrow I'll fire lots of pieces. I'll answer the email that languished today (it's going to continue to languish today because if I go another night without getting my piece list done, I might as well stay home from Philly). I'll begin to evaluate Checkout for Mac (the POS program--POS meaning point of sale, not that other POS)... Can you tell I got my groove back today?

Now off to shower and work more!


Dee said...

if nothing else, make sure you get out a new work announcement via vertical response to existing clients before you head out tues.

Brenda Griffith said...

That's a good idea--I can even send pics!

Dee said...

yes you can! pics are good!

Bill said...

Work, work, work.

I can watch you do it for hours, if it weren't for my own duties.