Friday, January 15, 2010


I wrote too soon about the great connectivity at the Dallas Market yesterday. Today is the first day of the temp shows and the network is again saturated. Guess my window for Internet work was yesterday. Today it takes everything forever to load--thank heaven posting just means getting the window up once and then typing away. Looks like a good day to write-up class descriptions and finish price lists with built-in formulae. That latter project is a doozy.

I started this post by typing in all the details of why creating price lists is so difficult, but then after two mind-numbing, eye-glazing paragraphs I realized all I was doing was stroking my inner spreadsheet geek ego and losing readers. So 'nuff said. It's VERY complicated. I did (mostly) create all of the pricelists before I opened my studio for retail supplies, but I gave up about 3/4 of the way through because I got overwhelmed (four spreadsheets with 10 worksheets each, three look-up spreadsheets with 3- 9 worksheets each, all of it linked and cross-linked so I can update them easily... Yeah, good luck with that!--and here I need to shut-down that inner geek again).

Also need to get in my Bullseye order today and pay them for the last order--I am ordering thick and fast these days. Wish I were selling thick and fast too, but the Buyer's Market is coming and I pin my hopes there.

Okay, enough procrastinating--time to work. I feel very uninteresting in this, the beginning of 2010. Maybe it's because January is a grey month so I feel grey--all my warmth and vitality hoarded inside to keep from losing it to winter's chill. Or maybe I'm getting into a rut and need to shake up my business and thereby shake up my posts (I felt my spouse's heart attack clear from Atlanta and heard the reverberating thunder of his shouted NO!). Okay, no shaking. Calm, still, reflective, catch-up. Man that's hard (and boring!).


Bill said...

Yeah, January sure has been cold. Drops into the 40s at night, here.

Dee said...

just remember, boring has it's place and right now it needs to have a place in your schedule for a bit! ;)

Anonymous said...

Check your emails, I sent you a small shake up.

Happy Texas,