Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Dallas That Won't End

What the heck am I doing posting on a Saturday night? I am bored and restless out of my mind, that's what. Were I not a professional, I would already have packed up and been gone from Dallas but for the dust. But I am a professional, I can't leave the showroom with an empty front window in the middle of the show, so I spend my days getting in touch with my inner spreadsheeter and chafing to go home. Real home. Home to Atlanta, not home to the Radisson from where I am posting and watching Miss Congeniality 2... and listening to a car alarm going off in the parking lot... repeatedly. (Just called the front desk and they are sending a security guard out to check on it before I go mad and drop a brick on it from the 7th floor.)

I never thought I would overload on spreadsheeting, but the last two days have taxed even me. 9-6 with breaks only for lunch and bathroom--and the occasional chat with someone who thinks my work is beautiful but it's too expensive or, or, or. Whatever. Tonight was the last Saturday night I had to fight my way through Dallas market parking lot traffic. Yea me.

It's 10:00 pm and I'm scrolling through the program guide and it's amazing--the same programs that were on at 8:00 pm (and 7:00 pm) are now on again at 10:00 and it looks like many of them were also on at 9:00. Television has changed since I last watched it. It used to be that every hour had a different show. Now it seems like many channels have the same shows repeating over and over. Oh maybe they aren't the same episodes of Law and Order or CSI: Miami, but those are the only shows on those channels for the entire night. Other channels have a couple of movies and they run one, then the other, then the first one again--or maybe the same one back to back (I could be watching Miss Congeniality 2 again, instead I'm catching the tail end of Ocean's 13. I saw the last half of it last night on the same channel, and the first 10 minutes of it earlier tonight before I switched to Miss Congeniality 2. Looks like it'll be on again tomorrow. Lucky me.

What does this have to do with glass? It shows the glamor of life on the road for the production artist. Lean Cuisine frozen dinners stashed in the hotel fridge, Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc too. Mom already snoring gently in the other bed, worn out from sitting around all day.

Tomorrow I need to move on from spreadsheets to newsletter, class descriptions and schedule, updating the mailing list, and pushing all that info out into the world (yes, Dee, that means going over the dicro jewelry class materials and hammering that out... finally ;-)

After a half hour sucked into Jim Carrey's movie "Yes Man" I have sunk as low as I can go and must turn off the evil box and go to sleep. I almost find myself wishing for a zombie uprising or something to liven things up...


Dee said...

and will you be answering emails today? ;)

Brenda Griffith said...

Not if they're nagging, utzing emails about things I really don't want to do!

Dee said...

hah! procrastination is bad for you! ;)

Bill said...

I've noticed that many cable channels show lots of reruns of their most successful shows, like Bravo and Lifetime with Project Runway, for example.