Monday, January 11, 2010

A Post! A Post! My Kingdom For a Post!

The day is almost done, and it was a doozy. Met Bill and Elaine this morning in Commerce to exchange artwork (glass for steel) and to plan our layout and logistics for the February Buyer's Market. Had to drive D's Mini Cooper (I know--big sacrifice) as D took my minivan into the shop this morning to get the front end aligned and the tires balanced before my trip to Dallas tomorrow. After an intense planning session in Commerce, headed back to Coldlanta and met Mike for a confab about the Siyeh Glass website. Much goodness was decided upon there, too, and when I left to pick up the Mom-in-law and the small child from their mani-pedis, I was feeling quite satisfied with the progress of the day.

Next was a whirlwind packing job at the studio to get a big order out, a review of Lori's glass order for her grand opening at Glass Inspirations later this month, and lists and forms for Judy to manage whilst I am gone. Finished the day with a consult with Lee over the state of the glass furnace (it failed last week and we feared the worst--a broken crucible and glass fused all over the elements and the bottom). We were *very* lucky and it was just a blown element which was rapidly replaced with an old one and which we will update with a new one as soon as I get back.

Now, exhausted and toasty from a couple of glasses of wine, I make my way upstairs for bed with a seriously diminished to do list and a happy heart. More from Dallas and the World Trade Center there as the week progresses.


Bill said...

And a stop in Austin?

Anonymous said...

I, on the other hand, am somewhat retired and loving it.

And love reading your running life.

Nancy Goodenough