Monday, January 18, 2010


Grande mocha in a Starbucks go-cup, if Dave were here I would know what music I'm listening to as he would hold up his iPhone and use the app that grabs a sample of the song and identifies it for you. I don't have that app--not enough space on my iPhone. Whatever. It's not a memorable song anyway.

Not to be a whiner, but this is both the longest and the slowest show I have ever done. Is that fair? I don't mind long, and I don't mind slow (heaven knows), but to combine them both in the same show is beyond cruel. I took the one order for one piece on Friday (Thursday?) and that's been it--and today's not even the last day! I am on till tomorrow at 6:00 pm when I can pack up and get the heck out of Dodge.


I took a break from blogging to chat (on the phone. I hate talking on the phone--even the iPhone) with Lori about her grand opening this weekend and then with Dee about her new collaborative line (that she will be working on in my studio this Thursday and Friday), getting my Hargrove exhibition services order in by Wednesday, buying airline tickets for Todd and John for the BMAC by Wednesday (I'm driving), and about the dicroic jewelry class she is TAing for me the end of February. Then I got back to my spreadsheet-making.

I'm trying to extend my docs to include electronic order forms that automatically calculate the cost of all sheet glass, frit, rods, etc., in an order based on customer type. If you've ever seen Bullseye's price catalog and the maze of tables that you have to go through to order and figure out pricing, you can guess how daunting this task would be. They don't even offer a blank paper table like it to use as their order form--too complicated. But I love a challenge, creating spreadsheets always lifts my spirits, and it so quiet here today that I need something (anything) to make the time go faster.

Let's try to make a long story short as I'm sure none of you have the time on your hands that I do right now, and you probably have things to do other than read about my geekgasms. So here it is. I have long struggled with a way to easily turn a table so that the columns become the rows and vice versa. You know, flip the axes without having to retype in all the data. Well today Google saved me! I searched for "flip columns and rows in Excel" and got the answer--and it's a simple Copy, Paste Special-Transpose! OMG. Life will never be the same. This is as big for me as the Kindle or the iPhone. Really.

Now I have to get back to playing with it. (Was it good for you?)


Kathleen Krucoff said...

Yep, it was good for me. Being a geek and finding software secrets / tips via Google...awesome. Thanks for sharing. Hope things pick up for you.

Dee said...

oh it was BETTER for me! LOLOLOLOL glad you found something to brighten your day ;P

Bill said...

Fairly good, thanks.

I wish you were having a better time, though.

Geri Omohundro said...

I was transfixed! While you're there, can you find me a good free app for a really complicated to do list? i don't like the one on the mac email or the windows side email... i want levels, tasks completed to achieve the goal, dates tied into the calender, etc and etc.
And i wish you were having a better show too... it ain't over till the fat lady sings tho, right??

Delores said...

Shazam is the I phone application and it is amazing it can get just a word or two and make the connection of what song it is.

Hope things go great for you, have a great day!!


Tahmi said...

I remember the magic the first time I found that trick too - priceless! Excel would be the one program I'd take to a desert island because you can make it do pretty much anything if you try hard enough. :)